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An upgrade to lollipop [Permalink]

Now that I have upgraded to Android(TM) 5.0, a.k.a "Lollipop", I now have to swipe up on the lock screen before I can enter my pattern. This is a step backwards. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are now less intuitive. When has a circle ever intuitively represented "home"? Does a square really say "show me recent apps"? The triangle for the back button is just about acceptable.

So is there anything good about it?

Multiple google accounts. This solves problems I have had as a developer, being unable to test app features as users other than the developer user. This should fix that problem, I haven't tried yet though. The lock screen does have some new features that are useful, you can choose to trust a connected device. Suppose that your smartwatch is always connected (unless your phone has been stolen) you can have the lock screen let you in with no pattern when the watch is connected. When the phone is unlocked in this way, it will not automatically lock when the watch goes out of range, that would be nice, otherwise a thief could grab your phone, unlock it and then run away. A slight oversight.

As usual, it is slightly uglier for a few days until your eyes adjust and you no longer doubt if you have the right phone in your hand. The notification bar is now just a bunch of items that float on top of everything else instead of being a full screen thing that covers the background, I'd prefer to have the thing behind the notification area to be completely invisible when you want to see notifications.

Other good things include better battery management and faster boot. I am therefore fairly neutral about this upgrade. Some really good things happened and some really bad things happened. Meh.

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