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C88 GPIO Box [Permalink]

This is just a quick one.

I thought I'd share some pictures of the peripheral I have built for my C88 computer. It's just a generic sort of input and output device. It was a while ago now, must post things more often.

It has three modes of input. You can use the rotary encoder, the switches or the ADC. The current input value is displayed on a seven segment display. The output also has a seven seg. There is also a bunch of output LEDs, an output DAC and [space for] a speaker.

The speaker doesn't work yet because I haven't had time to make it work. I need to figure out how to use timers on the Arduino Zero Pro. This shouldn't be too hard, It's a cortex M0 which has at least one timer built in to it.

Code is on github, had to write some shift register libraries too...

Anyway, enough talk, here are pictures:

This is what's inside

What's inside the box

Testing the DAC with a sawtooth generator

A program to generate a sawtooth wave

A quick demo after it first worked


The complete box with labels on the controls

complete with labels

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